• Nancy Koziol

Strategies for Success: Tips for Kids With Hearing Aids

Whether you’ve always worn hearing aids are they are something you got later, here are some tips to help you out!

Keep Your Hearing Aids In, Kids!

Believe it or not, your hearing aids help you even if you don’t realize it. For example, if you’re reading or coloring or playing with Legos it may seem like you don’t need your hearing aids, but taking them out could lead to your pesky brother sneaking up on you. Your hearing aids keep you safe and aware. You’re also less likely to lose your hearing aids if you wear them all of the time and only take them out according to your routine.

If your hearing aids are bothering you and that’s why you’re taking them out, talk to your parents. Your ears, and ear canal, are growing as you do and you might need new molds or an adjustment. Feedback (that squeaking or whistling noise) can also be a sign that your hearing aids need adjustment.

When you Should Remove your Hearing Aids

Don’t sleep with your hearing aids in and don’t wear them in the water. They can handle a little sweat so you should keep them in when playing outside, in physical education class, or going for a run. Most hearing aids can even deal with a little rain or playing in a sprinkler. But your hearing aids are not made for swimming so have a routine for what you do with them before diving in.

Ask for Help

Hearing is an important part of your life. Did you know that scientists study how hearing affects learning? They do! And they have found that 70-80% of our day is spent communicating. If you’re awake for 16 hours a day that’s an average of TWELVE hours a day. Of that time communicating you spend the most time listening: nearly half of it. If you are having trouble hearing that means you’re missing out on a lot of communication so be sure to ask for help if you notice trouble with your hearing aids. Lots of people will be happy to help you.

Be Like Goldilocks

Remember when Goldilocks tried the bears’ soup? Papa Bear’s was too hot while Mama Bear’s was too cold. Baby Bear’s, was juuuuuuuuuust right. Your hearing aids shouldn’t be exposed to temps that are too cold or too hot. Make sure you wear a hat when playing in the snow and take your hearing aid out and put it someplace safe when you’re going to use the hair dryer.

Speaking of Hair

This is something you might not think of but, hairspray can damage your hearing aids so be sure to take them out before spraying or be sure to cover your ears so that they do not get misted. On the same note, always wash your hands before taking out and putting in hearing aids. Oil and dirt can clog your hearing aid, reducing your ability to hear.

Plan Ahead!

Create a checklist of items you would need to bring if you were going to be away from home. You can break the list into two sections: one for going just for a night, like to a sleepover, and one for longer trips. You’ll be ready to go and less likely to run into any problems with your hearing aid. Also, be sure to follow the same routine you do away that you do at home to avoid misplacing or forgetting your hearing aids.

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