• Nancy Koziol

5 Ways to Protect Your Child's Hearing

Did you know that the World Health Organization has found that 60% of childhood hearing loss is preventable? Today we’ve got five ways to protect your child’s hearing.


Vaccination is an important preventative measure when it comes to protecting hearing. More than half of childhood hearing loss is caused by infections including some children can avoid getting through inoculations (e.g. measles/mumps/rubella).

Value Hearing

By teaching children to value their hearing, they are more likely to make good choices. This includes modeling good hearing health. Use earplugs at concerts, avoid prolonged use of earbuds and headphones, set volume limits, and wear helmets during activities that could result in head injuries.

Allow for Quiet Times

Have your ears ever rung after a loud concert or party? This is a signal that you are recovering from too-loud noises. If your child will be attending a loud event, in addition to hearing aids schedule time for quiet recovery. After a concert, party or other loud event make sure there is not another one for a few days. Also, avoid earbuds/headphones and encourage reading or other quiet activities as a good balance.

Adopt the 60/60 Rule

According to Lucid Hearing, a great rule of thumb for earbud/headphone use is to never have the volume at more than 60% ns nor listen for more than 60 minutes. Hearing loss from sound is often caused by both loud volume and duration. This breaks things up and protects your child’s hearing.

Enough with the Cotton Swabs

Your child’s ears naturally clean themselves. Stop using cotton swabs to “clean” the inside of their ears. This puts their ears—and hearing—at risk. While many of us grew up using cotton swabs to clean our ears the medical community resoundingly agrees that this is a bad practice. Keep washing behind the ears, but keep everything out of the ears. This goes for ear candling, too, which has not been approved by the FDA and has led to ruptured eardrums.

Hearing loss is often preventable so get your family into good habits to protect their hearing for life.

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