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Affordable Hearing Aids for Children

Updated: Jan 6, 2020

Hearing is vital to the development of speech and language in children. This is why it’s so important for all children who need hearing aids to be able to access them. We’ve compiled a list of resources for each state to help you get the help you need to get your child screened and fitted with affordable hearing aids where you live.


Medicaid covers one hearing screening per calendar year for individuals aged 5 through twenty one and for hearing aids. Some people may not know this because Medicaid does not cover hearing services for adults.

The Southern Disability Foundation also provides screening and loans technology to those in need.


Finding services for uninsured and underinsured children in Alaska can be tricky but there is help available through the Special Education Service Agency. Residents should also look at their local Lions, Easter Seals and other service organizations.


This helpful document includes resources and information on working with insurance in Arizona. There is also the Sertoma Arizona Hearing Aid Bank where lower-cost hearing aids can be borrowed. There are also options through the Arizona Technology Access Program and Ear Foundation of Arizona.


In addition to getting help through national programs Arkansas offers help getting devices.


Here is a breakdown of ways to get help finding low- or no-cost hearing aids in California. Another great resource is NorCal Services for Deaf and Hard of Hearing. In Southern California, Providence Speech and Hearing Program also helps get children the screenings and devices they need.


Options for affordable hearing aids in Colorado include H.E.A.R. Project, The University of Northern Colorado thanks to the Scottish Rite Foundation and Colorado State Grange.


In Connecticut, check out the Assistive Technology Loan Program and find your local chapter of the Hearing Loss Association of America. Another option is the Dorothy Ames Trust Fund—this program assists people all over New England so don’t be alarmed that our link is to the website for the state of Maine.


In Delaware, Easterseals has programs to assist along with the Delaware Assistive Technology Initiative.


Sertoma Speech and Hearing Foundation of Florida, Inc. helps low and middle-income families with minor children Florida’s Assistive Technology Program helps with funding and also allows people to borrow hearing aids to find ones that are comfortable before purchasing.


We are your go-to organization for help getting everything you need for your child with hearing impairment.


The state of Hawaii has a comprehensive guide to childhood hearing loss including resources. Akamai Hearing Aids has two locations (Honolulu and Aiea) and offers financial help and low-cost options.


Idaho has lots of options. Ada County Residents should check out the Assistance League of Boise. The Lions also has awesome programs available to Idahoans. The Idaho Assisted Technology Project is federally funded and can provide help.


The Illinois Assistive Technology Program provides a variety of services to children with hearing impairments including loaning hearing aids and securing funding. The University of Illinois Chicago CORE Program provides hearing aids but also therapy, transportation and more.


Indiana has a few options for discovering affordable hearing aids for your child. GiveHear is a growing nonprofit. The Lions have a loaner program to bridge the gap from screening to securing funds to get a hearing aid. Easter Seals can also help Indiana residents. There is help available through the state’s Indiana Children's Special Health Care Services.


Iowans who have difficulty paying for hearing aids can apply to The Lions. The Iowa Able Foundation provides hearing aids to eligible families along with Iowa Compass and Quota. Quota, based in Cedar Rapids, specializes in assisting children with hearing loss.


Kansas has a variety of programs to help families find hearing aids at low or no cost. K-Loan is an extension of Assistive Technology for Kansans. The Kansas Department of Health and Environment Sound Beginnings program has a loaner bank for newborns and toddlers as well as older children. Check out their list of comprehensive resources.


The Kentucky Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has a list of organizations in the state who can help as well as some national programs.


The Louisiana Assistive Technology Access Network offers a variety of services to Louisianans: device loans, screenings and even the sale of refurbished hearing aids. The Louisiana Commission for the Deaf also provides help to the hearing impaired.


The Maine Department of Labor website contains services in the state that can help you secure affordable hearing aids. This listing includes the Howard & Espa Michaud Charitable Trust which can provide financial help to those who can’t afford hearing aids. Penobscot Community Healthcare provides a sliding scale payment structure to help those with and without insurance who have financial hardship.


The Maryland Department of Disabilities Maryland Technology Assistance Program has a loaner program for trying new technologies. Some parts of Maryland are also covered by Easter Seals (see Delaware).


Residents of Massachusetts can apply for help affording hearing aids by applying here. There is also a program through the Massachusetts Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.


Residents in Wayne, Oakland, Macomb and Monroe counties can get help through the Lions Hearing Center of Michigan. Another resource is United Cerebral Palsy of Michigan.


Crippled Child Relief, Inc. offers hearing aids to families in financial need. Minnesotans can apply for help online through the Sertoma Club of Willmar.


Look for help through national organizations like the Lions and Easter Seals.


Missouri offers limited funding to families with children with hearing loss. There is also a program for grants for free hearing aids. The application for this program can be found online but must be submitted by U.S. Mail. Missourians can also take advantage of the state’s device loan program.


The Montana Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation can help with hearing aids’ affordability. Also check out the Montana Assistive Technology Program.


HearU, part of the University Nebraska-Lincoln College of Education and Human Sciences provides hearing aids to children ages 0-18 with a focus on newly-diagnosed children ages 0-3. Their website is full of information and very easy to navigate. The Lions partners with HearU.


In Nevada, The Lions are focused on helping children with hearing loss have access to affordable hearing aids. There is also assistance through the state government.

New Hampshire

The Lions are also a great option for families in New Hampshire who need help getting help for their children with hearing loss.

New Jersey

There are several programs and initiatives in New Jersey to help offset the cost of expensive devices. The state-provided program is one option. There is legislation (Grace’s Law) that requires certain insurance benefits plans to assist children under the age of 15 with hearing loss. Additionally, some families may be able to find relief through the Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund Commission.

New Mexico

New Mexico has had legislation since 2007 that requires some insurance benefits plans to cover to hearing aids for children. The Roswell Chapter of Sertoma has a program to help people who cannot get funds elsewhere to cover their child’s hearing aids.

New York

The Buffalo-area Lions provide financial and equipment assistance to children whose families cannot afford hearing aids. Another option in Western New York is the Dr. Ann Stadelmeir Hearing Aid Fund. Saratoga County Lions offers financial assistance and has a loaning library of assistive technology.

North Carolina

The Children’s Cochlear Implant Center at UNC offers grants to people under the age of 21 with hearing impairments.

North Dakota

The North Dakota Association for the Disabled has multiple programs to help make hearing aids affordable. The state also provides financial assistance.


A sliding scale plan is available through the Cleveland Hearing & Speech Center. The chapter of Sertoma in Lima also offers financial assistance. Cincinnati Children’s Hearing Aid Trust can also help. The state offers assistance through the Department of Health Ohio Hearing Aid Assistance Program.


Oklahoma ABLE Tech has several ways to help families find ways to afford hearing aids. One program refurbishes hearing aids. They also loan devices. There are several other agencies in Oklahoma listed here. Hearts for Hearing is another option for Oklahomans. In the Tulsa area, TSHA (Tulsa Speech and Hearing Association) has a loaner program.


In Oregon, the Lions has a hearing aid program called ROAR. To learn more call the Lions in Service Line 971.270.0203 or email your contact information. The Lions also provide financial assistance, hearing aids and screenings. There’s also a program for low-cost refurbished hearing aids.


Check out this roundup of services provided in Pennsylvania provided by the Pennsylvania Assistive Technology Foundation.

Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Commission on the Deaf and Hard of Hearing has put together this list of resources.

South Carolina

In South Carolina the Lions offers ways to secure affordable hearing aids.

South Dakota

The South Dakota Department of Human Services has programs to help defray the costs of hearing aids and other programs for children with hearing loss. The Lions also partner with medical professionals to make sure those in need of hearing aids can get them.


Hear Nashville collects, refurbishes and distributes hearing aids to people in need. There is also a loaner bank at the Tennessee School for the Deaf in Knoxville. The Hearing and Speech Foundation also provides Hearing Aid Assistance.


The University of Texas at Austin can provide a list of resources to help with the cost of hearing aids.


Utah’s Children’s Hearing Aid Program is outlined including a description of the program, eligibility and application process here. There are several other programs available in Utah.


The state of Vermont has an easy-to-navigate website that clearly explains all of the options available through the state.


Residents can apply to the Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority by filling out both applications and sending them in. The Lions also assist in procuring affordable hearing aids for kids. A third option is Here2Hear.


The Lions are also active in Washington State, helping families with children with hearing loss.

West Virginia

West Virginians in need of help with the costs related to hearing aids should look to their local Easter Seals or Lions chapter.


The University of Wisconsin Madison Hearing Aid Recycling Program (HARP) helps residents in Wisconsin who may not be able to otherwise afford hearing aids. The Lions may also be able to help.


For all available programs in Wyoming click here. Also check out the Wyoming Relay program.

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