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A big deal for Georgia's little ears!

To provide Georgia kids with the hearing aid devices and audiology services they need to thrive and excel.

From birth up to 19 years, we help Georgia's kids hear - regardless of their family's ability to pay.

If you're a Georgia resident whose child has hearing loss, your child may be eligible to receive hearing aids at a reduced rate.

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"A child's smile can be one of nature's greatest offerings to us."

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Our Patients. Their Story.


This budding football star was having trouble hearing both in the classroom and on the field. Once we helped get Nehemiah fitted for hearing aid, he doesn't miss a word from his teachers and coach!


Cutie pie Lia is two and a half now, doing wonderfully and loving her pink hearing aids! She is a bright and busy little girl whose BAHA, according to her mom, has made all the difference in the world


Giselle was 18 months old when she was diagnosed with hearing loss. Working in partnership with 20/20 Hearing Foundation, we found an audiologist and secured hearing aids for Giselle. Now she's a thriving three-year-old who loves wearing her "ears!"

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